Antje Veldstra was born in 1954 in the Frisian town of Hindeloopen on the shores of the IJsselmeer. In 1971, she moved to Groningen, where she trained as a microbiological analyst.
In 1979, she began studying fine art at the Minerva Academy, graduating in 1985. Ancient civilisations have always intrigued Veldstra. On her travels through Italy, she became interested in the Etruscan civilisation. Since 1988, she has visited Italy several times, staying for four months at a time in Tuscany and on Sardinia. She loves the Mediterranean way of life. As an artist, Veldstra is committed to the woodcut printing technique. In 1992, her passion for making huge – monumental – woodcut prints won her the prestigious Dutch Graphic Arts Award. In 2004, she won another prize for her graphic art at the 13th Seoul-Space International Print Biennale. Her work is not easily identified with one particular style. Colour, shape, texture, abstraction, light and a sense of space all play a role in her prints. Her goal is to give viewers a moment’s pause for inner contemplation. Out of darkness comes the image; from the image comes the light.